Flowers That Mean Goodbye: 17 Perfect Ways To Say Farewell!

When it comes to saying goodbye, either to a loved one who has died or a farewell to a friend, it is always difficult. But during these moments flowers can communicate and express for us a range of feelings including saying goodbye.

From the timeless beauty of the rose to the delicate charm of the lily, in this blog post, we will explore the symbolic meanings behind some of the most popular flowers that represent goodbye.

Flowers that Mean Goodbye


Roses main flowers that means goodbye

Perhaps the most popular flower in ceremonies and especially as funeral farewell flowers, the meaning of roses is widely recognized.

They are usually one of the first images that come to mind when thinking of flowers. They are a sign associated with love, although they are also used as a flower that represents goodbye.

Rebirth, mourning, sadness or renewed love are some of the representations with which roses are associated .

Giving a rose is a symbol of love. White roses are very popular in funeral wreaths. Its meaning also varies with its color, just like orchids. At funerals farewells, roses are usually used in white, pink and red. 

With a bouquet of pink roses, you can express appreciation and gratitude to the deceased person and their relatives. The red rose is always a symbol of love and respect, and is appropriate even in the face of the loss of a loved one. They are frequently used in bouquets for wakes or in floral wreaths for that purpose.

Black Rose

Black Rose

Less known are the black ones, although they are associated with separation, farewell and death, which is why it is becoming more common to see them as a symbolic gift that combines mourning and respect.

The black rose is an evergreen shrub that has long thorns and fragrant flowers. This is actually a deep red rose or a red rose that has been burned by the sun.

There are no true black roses. Some florists can dye white roses black if you ask. The rose bush generally grows to be 5 or 6 feet (1.52 or 1.82 m) tall and blooms from late spring to late summer.

Red Roses

Red roses, the most common, express sincere love, which is why they are frequently used in bouquets for wakes or floral preparations for that purpose. 

They can be used to represent passionate love, the love of a couple , although the person who uses them is not necessarily the partner of the deceased.

They also imply admiration and respect.

If you’re looking for the perfect flower to express how much you miss someone, look no further! Check out our list of 12 beautiful flowers that symbolize the sentiment of “I miss you,” and discover the perfect bloom to convey your feelings.


carnation flower means goodbye

Flower also very frequently offered during a mourning, the carnation expresses sincerity. The color associated with the carnation allows you to tint your message: white for pure love, red for admiration and pink for remembrance.

They are a symbol of condolences to the relatives of the deceased. They mean pride and union, so they are used to pay respects to people with very close ties, but like chrysanthemums, their meaning changes slightly depending on the color of each flower.

Of course, like chrysanthemums, carnations come in different colors that can change their meaning slightly depending on each color.

According to legend, the carnation also appeared as a result of death. Once the goddess of hunting Artemis went around her lands, but she did not come across a single animal. 

Then she listened and heard music in the forest. She was played by a young shepherd who did not even understand that he had prevented the goddess herself from hunting. Seeing him, Artemis became angry and shot the young man with a bow. 

But soon her anger passed, and she felt remorse for her wasted life. To correct what she had done, the goddess asked Zeus to turn the shepherd’s body into a beautiful flower. 

So the carnation became not only a symbol of death, but also a sign of redemption. With its help, you can ask for forgiveness from the dead.

Carnations together with the rose, they are the flower most used in funeral decorations. In bouquets, crowns and centers, the carnation expresses your admiration for the deceased and what they meant to you. The carnation is the protagonist of this crown.


while lily flower means farewell

Lily is a herbaceous perennial often used as a funeral flower to say goodbye. The Lily is a symbol of eternal life after death and can grow to be 6 feet (1.82 m) tall. 

These flowers are large and bloom from early spring to early summer. Their color varies, including purple, red, yellow, and orange. The most common lily used for expressing leaving and goodbyes is the pure white lily.

The elegance of the lilium flowers is also present in moments of mourning. These delicate flowers are a way to express condolences and symbolize the innocence of the eternal soul.

The lily is a symbol of royalty, but most of the time we choose it to express the purity of the soul, innocence and nobility.

Lilies, like carnations, are flowers that can be chosen to represent goodbyes. The lily comes in a variety of colors, but white lilies are an appropriate choice as funeral flowers.

White Lilies

The most common lily for goodbyes is the pure white lily. The beautiful lilies are admired around the world. We can appreciate them blooming in spring and reaching their greatest splendor in summer.

White lilies, like so many other types of flowers, are considered the flower of death. At the same time, it expresses purity, innocence, honor and godliness. In Christianity, the lily is given a special meaning for devotion to God. 

For example, this flower is very suitable for a deceased who was a strongly Christian believer. Leaving a funeral wreath of lilies at a funeral represents that the deceased’s soul will be kept in a state of innocence.

White lilies represent, in the mourning process, the innocence that the deceased recovers in their soul.

Red spider lily (Lycoris radiata)

Red spider lily goodbye flower

Lycoris radiata, commonly known as red spider lily or hurricane lily, is a flower that is often used as a farewell flower in Asian cultures, particularly in Japan. There are several reasons why this flower is associated with farewells and memorial services.

This flower of Japanese origin is traditionally associated with death in order to make the transition to a new life, which is why it is very present in cemeteries in the Japanese nation. It is known as the flower of hell, since it is supposed to give souls the last chance to see their past life.

Used in Chinese and Japanese culture. The soul walks through hell adorned with these flowers to see its old life for the last time and that it can have the transition to its new life.

4.Calla Lilies

calla lilies are flowers that means goodbye

Perhaps one of the typical funeral flowers, since it is considered a mourning flower and at the same time symbolizes immortality.

The calla has always been considered the flower of the dead and, in flower symbolism, stands not only for immortality but also for elegance, beauty, devotion and seduction.

Calla lilies have traditionally been used as a sign of recognition and sympathy for the person who receives them, so they have a powerful symbolic charge when chosen as flowers for parting ways. 

Also, unlike chrysanthemums and carnations, their different color varieties do not change their meaning.

They are offered at funerals as recognition and farewell message to the deceased. In ancient Rome and Greece, they were associated with festivities, due to their resemblance to drinking cups. They represent beauty and fortune.

For many years, calla lilies have been used to show appreciation and sympathy towards people who part ways or say goodbye.

The flowers have a symbolic charge in relation to death and farewell.


chrysanthemums flower means goodbye

Chrysanthemums are another of the favorite flowers: it is one of the great stars on All Saints Day, and its etymology and beauty make it equally frequent as a sign of respect for goodbye or parting ways. 

On the other hand, the end of a relationship is clearly announced by the chrysanthemum, which our Western societies also associate with mourning. The darker the colors of this complex flower, the more irremediable the intention to break .

The one known as the golden flower is associated with longevity and eternity in Japan, a country of which it is a national symbol, as well as being leafy and striking. There are about thirty varieties, it is in all the colors of the rainbow and each one of them adds different shades to its general meaning.

Native to Asia and Eastern Europe , chrysanthemums are quite popular flowers in flower arrangements around Europe, exclusively for funerals .

Used in France during Toussaint (All Saints and All Souls Day), the deceased are honored and these flowers are commonly placed on their graves. It is also very common to see it in cemeteries in Spain.

These flowers have different meanings such as joy, perfection and eternity. However, under a funeral context chrysanthemums symbolize pain, farewell and death.


Daffodils flower represent goodbye

Daffodils are the symbol of spring and fertility, sleep and death, bridal status (white narcissus) and Christ’s victory over death. The flowers are often used to represent renewal, rebirth, and the idea of new beginnings. This makes them a fitting choice for saying goodbye to a loved one.

Another reason why daffodils are often used as farewell flowers is their association with springtime. Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and thus a symbol of the overcome winter.

This association with the changing of the seasons makes daffodils a meaningful choice for memorial services, representing the idea that life is a cycle that begins anew with each passing year.

No less, sad legend is associated with daffodils. A beautiful young man named Narcissus was the object of love for the nymph Echo. But he did not reciprocate with her. 

The unfortunate woman died of grief. But for his callousness, Narcissus was cursed by the goddess of retribution, Nemesis, who made the young man fall in love with his own reflection. 

He looked into the depths of the reservoir to infinity, and, in the end, died of anguish. Since then, daffodils began to decorate the tombstones of young people who died before their time.

Element which, most likely, has favored the association of the plant with the otherworldly world. Furthermore, the etymology of the name that underlines the resistance may have contributed to sanctioning the plant to the fire. In fact, its bulbs also survive fires and seem to allude to the ability to survive in the underworld.


daisie flower that symbolizes goodbye

Belongs to the large family of chrysanthemums. They are associated with simplicity, innocence and purity, part of funeral compositions that indicate a new beginning and a tribute to the deceased. 

In times of mourning, daisies are associated with a sincere and loyal farewell. They symbolize optimism as a way of coping with the loss of a loved one.

Daisies are the flower of simplicity , innocence and childhood. This flower signifies a new beginning and is therefore a beautiful way to offer a sincere and loyal tribute when we part ways with someone.

Daisies are simple, cheerful flowers that are often used to symbolize the idea of new beginnings. The flowers are said to represent the love and compassion of the person who has passed away, and their bright, happy colors can help to lift the spirits of those who are mourning.

European Michaelmas-daisy

Aster, scientifically aster amellus , falls perfectly between the flowers to say goodbye, in fact it is used precisely to sanction the end of a love relationship.

From the simple daisy shape, of which it is also a close relative, and with a purplish tint, the aster is a simple and appropriate bloom to greet someone we won’t see for a long time.


gladious flower represents goodbye

Gladioli are the flowers of sincerity, strengthhonor, memories and affection. They are classic flowers for funerals that represent goodbye, in fact, this is their main use.

In addition, its elongated, tall and narrow shape evokes the ascent to heaven. Gladiolus flowers signify the sincerity and strength of character that the deceased person had during the funeral.

They can be offered at a funeral in any color. These flowers are associated with strength of character and can be used to express admiration and respect for someone who is leaving.

A plant with long stems, the gladiolus has its place in the bouquets offered in times of mourning. Gladiolus is a very common choice in funeral arrangements due to its graceful long stems.


The gerbera is often used in funeral flowers, even if it is not actually a symbol of mourning. It stands for warmth, strength and deep love and is therefore often used as a sign of hope.

A gerbera sums up honest gratitude and solidarity in beautiful words. She says: “You make everything more beautiful!” With the gerbera as a mourning or part ways flower, you show a person a final recognition and express heartfelt sympathy.


violet flower  symbolizes farewell

With a delicate beauty and a pleasant fragrance , the violet has always been one of the most loved and appreciated flowers. Oddly enough, this delicate flower has also been a symbol of death and goodbye since ancient Greece. 

According to legend, the daughter of Zeus, Proserpina, once went to the forest for violets, and there she was kidnapped by Pluto. 

The violets she picked scattered on the ground. And that’s all that’s left to remember her. Since then, these flowers have been laid on the graves of untimely dead girls.

The violet is subtle and reserved, which of course is also due to her dainty appearance. It stands for modesty, innocence and also for discretion.


If a friend leaves for another city to work, then, in this case, choose her a flower arrangement of alstroemerias. This is a cheerful flower of friendship, which in this context symbolizes your warm attitude and hope for a speedy meeting. The color and shade of the bouquet can be any.


dahlias means farewell

Dahlias are often used as farewell flowers because they are believed to represent gratitude and appreciation, as well as inner strength and resilience.

The bold, vibrant colors of the flowers can help to create a celebratory atmosphere at a funeral or memorial service, and the flowers themselves are often arranged in a circular pattern to represent the cycle of life and death.

They serve as a reminder of the inner strength that every person possesses, even in dark times. A bouquet can be given to a person who has encountered difficulties to inspire him to overcome them. 


Hydrangeas flower says goodbye

These flowers are often used in arrangements for those who are leaving or moving away. They are associated with heartfelt emotions and farewells making them a meaningful way to say goodbye to a loved one.

One reason is the unique symbolism of the hydrangea flower itself. Hydrangeas are known for their large, lush blooms and soft, delicate petals.

The hydrangea is also said to symbolize a deep understanding between two people, making it a fitting choice for expressing the profound sense of loss that comes with saying goodbye to someone who was deeply loved and cherished.

Hydrangeas are a popular choice for funeral or farewell flowers, and they are often used to express the idea of gratitude, heartfelt emotion, and the sadness of saying goodbye. There are several reasons why hydrangeas are associated with farewells and memorial services.

Another reason why hydrangeas are often used as farewell flowers is their association with the changing seasons. Hydrangeas are known for their ability to change color depending on the pH levels of the soil in which they grow.

This ability to adapt and change has led to the flower being associated with the passing of time, the changing of the seasons, and the impermanence of life. As such, hydrangeas can be a fitting choice for honoring the memory of a loved one who has passed away, reminding us of the fleeting nature of life and the importance of cherishing each moment we have with those we love.

Hydrangeas are also known for their longevity and durability, meaning they can continue to bring comfort and beauty to those who are grieving long after the funeral or memorial service has ended.


Among the flowers to say goodbye to the loved one there is also the Garden marigold ( Calendula officinalis ), although its meaning is more centered on the pain and sorrows of love. 

According to her myth, the goddess Aphrodite, saddened by the death of her lover Adonis, began to cry and her tears, touching the ground, turned into marigolds. So if you have to say goodbye to the love of your life but continue to pine for him or her there is no better flower to give!

15.Forget-me-nots (scorpion grasses)

forget me not flower represents goodbye

The forget-me-not already bears its meaning in the name: farewell, loyalty and remembrance in love. If this flower is very small, the meaning of the forget-me-not is no less touching. 

These small blue flowers are associated with memories and can be used to express a desire to remain in someone’s thoughts even after they have left.

Separation, memory and absence, this is what we can associate it with. If the person to whom you want to offer it is of Christian religion, the meaning will be even stronger: Christians see in this flower the symbol of paradise and the salvation of the soul.

The name of the species Myosotis (mouse ears in Greek) says a lot about its meaning. The forget-me-not describes an affectionate departure with the hope of seeing each other again and a dreamy desire. 

But even without separation, the little blue flower can symbolize common belonging, especially within a family. A crown of flowers on the heart or around the neck symbolically forms the “loyalty necklace” of the beloved.


poppy flower flower that symbolizes goodbye

Poppies are annual flowers that are frequently associated with death or eternal sleep, making them an appropriate choice for saying goodbye to a loved one. These have anesthetic properties because they contain the chemical called opium. 

A field of poppy flowers was used to put Dorothy to sleep in the movie The Wizard of Oz. Poppies grow up to 18 inches (45.72 cm) tall and have large, showy flowers that bloom from early spring to late summer and come in many different colors, including red, blue, purple, orange, and various pastels.

As you know, poppies symbolize the blood spilled on the battlefields. In Greece, the poppy was dedicated to Hypnos – the god of sleep, Thanatos – the god of death and Morpheus – the god of nightmares.

Also, the statues of Nyukta (the goddess of the night, Demeter and Ceres were decorated with poppy wreaths in order to forget the grief over the stolen daughter by the god Pluto / Hades.

17.Japanese anemone 

Japanese anemone flowers symbolizes goodbye

This flower blooms beautifully from August to October and has the advantage of being planted in pots or in the ground, depending on the weather conditions. It likes drained soil and needs lots of sun. They symbolize hope and sincerity.

There is a widespread legend that anemones, scarlet as blood, grew out of Aphrodite’s tears shed for her dead beloved Adonis. However, there is a less well-known story about a simple mortal girl who one night came to meet her lover, but did not wait for him. 

She began to cry, and then lay down by the road and died. Beautiful flowers sprouted through her body, which were called anemones. 

Translated from Greek, this word means “wind” or “daughter of the winds.” The stems of flowers cling to the road, as if trying to hear someone’s steps in the rustle of grass. This legend explains the name better. Scarlet anemones are flowers that are laid on the graves of deceased loved ones.

Table with Symbolic Meaning of Goodbye Flowers

Goodbye FlowersSymbolic MeaningSeason
White LiliesPurity, innocence, restoration of the soul.Summer
Red PoppiesRemembrance, honor.Summer
ChrysanthemumsDeath, mourning, autumn, and passing of the seasons.Autumn
HydrangeasHeartfelt emotions, understanding.Summer
DaffodilsNew beginnings, hope for the future.Spring
DahliasDignity, gratitude and grace.Autumn
CarnationsLove, devotion, express feelings of remembrance.Summer
IrisDeep sympathy and respect for the deceased.Spring
GladiolusStrength of character, admiration, respect.Spring/ Summer
Red RosesLove, respect, courage. Summer
Yellow RosesFriendship, gratitudeSummer
Black RosesDeath, Farewell, Endings, New Beginnings.Summer
Forget-me-notsMemories, staying in someone’s thoughts, and the desire to keep the memory of a loved one alive.Spring
MarigoldsGrief, sorrow, loss.Summer
OrchidsRefinement, luxury, love, beauty.Summer
SunflowersAdoration, loyalty, longevity.Summer
Sweet PeasGoodbye, thank you for a lovely time.Spring/Summer
SnapdragonsGraciousness, strength, good luck.Spring
Baby’s BreathInnocence, purity, sincerity.Spring/Summer
Lily of the ValleySweetness, humility, happiness.Spring
BluebellsGratitude, everlasting love, humility.Spring
AstersPatience, elegance, love.Summer/Autumn
GerberasCheerfulness, joy, innocence, purity, gratitude.Summer/Autumn
Japanese AnemonesSincerity, anticipation, fragility, love, affection.Summer/Autumn
Calla LiliesPurity, innocence, sympathy, beauty.Summer
VioletLoyalty, Devotion, Affection, Modesty, Virtue, Watchfulness, Humility, Regard, Faithfulness.Spring


In conclusion, each of these 17 flowers carries its own unique symbolism and meaning, making them meaningful choices for saying goodbye to a loved one at a funeral or memorial service.

It’s worth noting that the specific flowers used in funeral arrangements can vary depending on the cultural and religious traditions of the deceased and their family, as well as personal preferences. These flowers are just some common choices for saying goodbye at funerals.

Whether you choose white lilies to represent purity and innocence, chrysanthemums to symbolize loyalty and devotion, or dahlias to express gratitude and appreciation, the flowers you choose can help to create a beautiful, meaningful tribute to the life of someone who has passed away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What flower to give to say goodbye?

If you are looking for a beautiful flower full of symbolism and suitable for funerals, definitely consider the chrysanthemum.

Are flowers a good farewell gift?

Flowers can make an excellent farewell gift. They have long been associated with expressing emotions, including love, appreciation, condolences, and farewell. They can help convey our feelings when we are struggling to find the right words or want to offer a tangible gesture of our sympathy or support.

What color rose says goodbye?

In general, white roses are often associated with saying goodbye, especially in the context of condolences and funerals. The color white symbolizes purity, innocence, and peace, which can offer comfort and solace during a time of loss and sadness. Additionally, yellow roses can also be used to say goodbye, as they represent friendship and positivity.

What flower symbolizes break up?

The flowers of the breakups: Yellow rose, chrysanthemum, colchicum. We commonly associate a breakup message with the yellow rose, which would be an admission of betrayal or infidelity. 

What goodbye flowers to give to a girl?

Here are some popular options for goodbye flowers that are appropriate for giving to a girl:
Sunflowers – Sunflowers are bright and cheerful, and symbolize loyalty and longevity. They can be a great way to express your appreciation for the time you’ve spent together and offer encouragement for the future.
Carnations – Carnations are a versatile flower that can represent a range of emotions, depending on their color. Pink carnations symbolize gratitude, while white carnations are associated with purity and good luck.
Daisies – Daisies are a simple and sweet flower that represents innocence, purity, and new beginnings. They can be a great choice for saying goodbye to a girl who is starting a new chapter in her life.
Orchids – Orchids are exotic and elegant flowers that are often associated with love, beauty, and strength. They can be a thoughtful choice for saying goodbye to a girlfriend who you admire and respect. in the form of a yellow plant.

Why are flowers used at a funeral?

It is a tradition that is already many years old. In fact, remains of flowers have been discovered in graves from the late Paleolithic age, more than 13,000 years ago. It is believed that, in ancient times, the fact of placing flowers near the mortal remains of the deceased was due to the fact that the smell they give off neutralizes the smell of the remains. Although we no longer have this problem, we have continued to preserve this custom, with very different intentions.
For this reason, and although a funeral always represents a negative situation, the presence of flowers in them is intended to evoke positive feelings, support for the victim’s relatives and respect and affection towards them.

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