Flowers That Mean Friendship: Top 15 Flowers to Gift Your Friends

Nothing speaks of love and care like flowers, and when it comes to friendship, certain flowers are traditionally associated with this unique relationship. Flowers are the perfect method to show how important our friends are in our lives.

In that regard, here are 16 of the best friendship flowers you can give your friend to let them know what that bond means to you!

Table with Flowers That Mean Friendship

FlowerFriendship MeaningSeasons
Yellow RoseJoy, warmth, and happiness in friendshipSummer and Autumn
SunflowerLoyalty, longevity, and adoration in friendshipSummer and Autumn
Red CarnationDeep love and admiration in friendshipSummer and Autumn
Pink CarnationGratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness in friendshipSpring and Summer
ChrysanthemumCheerfulness, optimism, and positive vibes in friendshipAutumn
IrisWisdom, trust, and hope in friendshipSpring and Summer
DaisyInnocence, purity, and childlike joy in friendshipSpring and Summer
FreesiaThoughtfulness, kindness, and loyalty in friendshipSpring and Summer
AlstroemeriaDevotion, support, and loyalty in friendshipSummer
Sweet peaDelicate pleasures, blissful pleasure, and gratitudeSpring and Summer
SnapdragonGraciousness, openness, and warmth in friendshipSummer and Autumn
ZinniaThoughts of absent friends, endurance, and lasting bondsSummer and Autumn
GladiolusStrength, moral integrity, and sincere friendshipSummer
HyacinthSincerity, constancy, and playful joy in friendshipSpring
LilacFirst love, youthful innocence, and the beginning of joySpring and Summer
MarigoldAffection, grace, and strong ties of friendship and loveSummer and Autumn

1.Yellow Rose

yellow rose flower represent friendship

Giving yellow roses to someone signifies friendship, joy, and happiness in many cultures. They are also common as wedding bouquets and other celebratory occasions.

A delicate yellow rose typically has smooth, gentle yellow petals with a pleasant, pleasant fragrance. The rose’s petals are usually smooth and shiny and may form a delicate cup. The yellow flower may contain small yellow stamens in the middle of the cup.

However, the yellow color of the rose may range from pale buttery yellow to brilliant golden yellow. In addition to the yellow color, some yellow roses may also have pink, orange, or red in their centers or tips.

Rather than sending a white rose, which is usually associated with romance and courtship, send yellow roses to show your friendship and appreciation for a friend. Yellow roses denote warmth, joy, and happiness in a friendship, making them a great way to express thanks and gratitude.


These bright yellow flowers are well-known for their distinctive appearance and symbolism.

A sunflower’s head is large and round, and its petals stretch outwards in bright yellow layers. Seeds are produced at the center of the sunflower’s head. The leaves on a sunflower can be as long as 18 inches. A sunflower can grow to 10 feet tall, and its seeds can become as many as 500.

One fun fact about sunflowers is that when sunflowers follow the sun as it moves across the sky, they absorb more sunlight for photosynthesis. This trait is known as heliotropism, and it helps the flower take in more rays.

When it comes to celebrating friendships, sunflowers are a great way to do so. A friendship may be symbolized by sunflowers being bright, cheerful, and sunny. To be a good friend, a person must be concerned about their friend’s wellbeing, be warm and friendly towards them, and be supportive.

3.Red Carnation

red carnation flower represent friendship

Red carnations, also known as cranes’ legs, are a type of flower that is known for its vivid red color and delicate petals. For centuries, they have been utilized in floral arrangements and bouquets as a result of their delicate nature.

There are three types of carnations, including miniature carnations, spray carnations, and standard carnations, each of which has a unique set of talents and purposes.

These beautiful flowers are often given as gifts on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, weddings, and anniversaries. They represent love, admiration, and affection. However, this love is not only limited to your significant other.

When it comes to showing your friends the love they deserve, red carnations get the job done.

Sending a bouquet of red carnations as a gift to a friend can be an effective way to express your appreciation and admiration for their presence in your life.

4.Pink Carnation

pink carnation means friendship

Pink carnations, also known as Dianthus caryophyllus flowers, are sweet-smelling and colorful flower petals that are popular for weddings, Mother’s Day, and other celebrations. From pale pink to deep magenta, pink carnations come in a variety of varieties.

The frilly, colorful petals make pink carnations a favorite for floral arrangements and gifts, as well as making them attractive in the bud. The structure of a pink carnation is similar to that of other flowers.

Giving pink carnations is an excellent method of showing your friend how much they mean to you, whether it’s on a birthday, graduation, or just because. These flowers are beautiful and aromatic, making them a thoughtful and appreciated gift.

Giving a bouquet of pink carnations as a gift is one way to celebrate friendship. You can include a heartfelt message or card to express your appreciation and esteem for your friend.


chrysanthemum flower meaning deep friendship

Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors, including white, yellow, pink, red, and purple. They have a central disc surrounded by rows of petals, which distinguishes them from other flowers. Chrysanthemums bloom in the fall, making them a popular choice for autumnal displays.

A chrysanthemum’s color palette varies from white, yellow, pink, red, orange, bronze, and purple. Some flower petals are fluffy and bi-colored or multi-colored, and some chrysanthemums feature pom-pom flowers.

Chrysanthemums may range in size, with some growing as low as a few inches and others reaching up to 6 feet. The leaves are typically dark green and serrated.

Some cultures view chrysanthemums as symbols of friendship and give them as presents to celebrate this bond. In Japan, for example, chrysanthemums are associated with the “Festival of Happiness” held to honor friendships.


iris flower symbolize friendship

Irises come in diverse shades, including blue, purple, yellow, white, pink, and brown, and some varieties have fragrant odors. Many iris varieties also have complex patterns and colors on their petals, which are aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to their role in myth and legend, irises also played a significant part in world affairs and history. Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and a link between gods and humans in Greek mythology. The iris flower became a symbol of communication and messages after being named after her.

Iris flowers were associated with royalty, faith, and wisdom in other cultures. The distinctive flower structure of irises is one of the factors that make them stand out. They have three petals and three sepals, but the sepals are larger and more prominent, giving the flower its unique form.

Irises can be a great choice as a gift for friends, as they can symbolize a variety of positive qualities and sentiments, like friendship. In particular, irises are often associated with faith, wisdom, and friendship, making them an excellent choice for expressing appreciation and strengthening bonds.


Daisies have a variety of positive meanings and symbolic associations in addition to their beauty and versatility. Whether presented as a gift or utilized in a decorative arrangement, they can convey a variety of nice sentiments and thoughts.

Daisies have simple white or pink petals surrounding a yellow center or “disk.” Some varieties, however, have more petals. The petals are often notched at the tips and may have a ruffled or fringed appearance.

Border plantings, rock gardens, and container gardens are all common places to find daisies.

Some varieties are also popular for bouquets, medicinal or culinary uses can still be found for their leaves and petals, and daisies are often found in floral arrangements. Spring or early summer is the time to look for flowers.

Yellow daisies are often regarded as cheerful and optimistic flowers, with their bright white petals and sunny yellow centers. By brightening their friend’s day and providing them with a sense of positivity and hope, sending daisies is an excellent way to express affection.


Freesia flower represent friendship

Freesias are renowned for their distinct, fruity fragrance. The fragrance is particularly intense at night, making freesias an excellent choice for evening parties and domestic flower arrangements.

Freesias have delicate and vibrant stems, spiraling petals, and a wide range of colors, making them a popular choice for gardens and floral arrangements. Their sweet scent and long-lasting blooms also make them popular as cut flowers and gifts for loved ones.

Freesias are beautiful and elegant flowers that can add a touch of grace and sophistication to any space. Giving freesias to a friend can be a way to express appreciation for their friendship and to brighten their day with a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

It is essential to think about what your friend would like when you present them with a bouquet of freesias. There are a lot of color options available when it comes to these flowers, so you can pick one that will appeal to your friend.

 Additionally, you can combine freesias with other flowers or items to make your gift even more special and meaningful.


alstromeria  represent best friends

Alstroemeria sometimes referred to as the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas, is a genus of blossoms native to South America. These stunning flowers are widely used for landscaping and flower bouquets and are recognized for their dazzling colors and special designs.

Alstroemeria comes in many types, with rose, scarlet, and lemon shades being the most common. The blossoms may be uniform in color, have streaks, or spots, and can have either one or two petals.

Alstroemeria blossoms are regularly associated with companionship, loyalty, and success. They are a favored present for acquaintances and those close to us and are considered to bring good fortune and joy.

An arrangement of alstroemeria blooms can be an attractive and considerate present for a dear friend. You can pick an assortment of hues and incorporate some foliage to add to the bouquet’s aesthetic appeal.

10.Sweet Pea

sweet pea flower symbolize best friends

Lathyrus odoratus, which is more commonly referred to as sweet pea, is a type of flowering plant that is well-known for its beautiful and aromatic blossoms.

Sweet pea is distinguished by their pleasant aroma, which is why it is commonly used in making fragrances and soaps. The blossoms of this plant are found in multiple colors such as pink, purple, red, white, and blue, and each hue has its distinct smell.

Sweet pea is an alluring and aromatic vegetation that can provide a picturesque and vibrant look to any garden or outdoor area. Its tendency to climb, edible petals and seeds, and meaningful symbolism make it a favored pick for gardeners and floral admirers.

Sweet peas can make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for friends. Sweet peas are an effective and symbolic way to show admiration and gratitude to your pals.

Whether it’s through a present or simply by having them in your garden or inside your house, sweet peas can be a reminder of the pleasure and loveliness of a blissful friendship.


Snapdragons are characterized by long stems that sprout an array of vibrant blooms in shades of pink, red, yellow, orange, and purple. The petals of these flowers are fashioned in a way that resembles a dragon’s head, having a broad “mouth” which opens when pressed.

Snapdragons are straightforward to nurture and prefer cooler climates. They can be grown either with seeds or by relocating seedlings and should be planted in soil with good drainage in an area that is either fully sunny or has partial shade.

Snapdragons can be a lovely way to celebrate friendships. Offering snapdragons as a present to a buddy bears a lot of symbolism.

Though snapdragons could stand for deceitfulness or longing, they can also signify graciousness and a wish for pardon, making them a significant and thoughtful way to demonstrate your admiration and fondness for a pal.


The Gladiolus genus, belonging to the Iridaceae family, is originally from South Africa, but it is now widespread, having been grown and naturalized in different parts of the world, such as Europe, North America, and Asia.

These flowering plants are characterized by tall, attractive blooms during the summer, and they grow from corms, which are similar to bulbs.

When it comes to flower symbolism, gladioli signify fortitude, prestige, and faithfulness. It is not traditionally viewed as a representation of friendship, however, the characteristics of strength, respect, and commitment can certainly be linked to the standards we hold for our companions.


Hyacinth has been a popular choice for many centuries due to its attractive appearance and strong aroma, being used as an ingredient in perfumes, decorating gardens, and being employed in traditional healing practices.

Throughout the ages, hyacinths have been cherished in numerous cultures. According to Greek mythology, this flower was dedicated to Apollo and was said to have grown from the spilled blood of his beloved, Hyacinthus.

In Persian folklore, hyacinths were held in high regard and were often featured in literature and poetry as a symbol of love and beauty.

When using flowers to communicate a message, hyacinths signify sincerity, faithfulness, and cheerfulness, thereby making them excellent present for many events.

When selecting a hyacinth for a friend, consider the peacefulness of blue, the love associated with pink, or the innocence of white, depending on your friend’s character and inclinations. Pick the hue that you feel they would be most delighted to receive.


lilac flower meaning friendship

The lilac is renowned for its fragrant, sugary scent that can permeate a room or garden. It blossoms in the latter half of spring to the early part of summer, displaying clusters of tiny, tube-shaped flowers set in panicles.

Many people link lilacs with the idea of love and romance, but they can also be excellent presents to give to a buddy. The pleasant aroma and fragile beauty of lilacs is a considerate action to demonstrate your admiration for your friend’s companionship.

According to the meaning of flowers, lilacs are a sign of fondness, and the presence of a bunch of lilacs can communicate a message of friendship and gratitude.


Zinnias are impressive yearly blossoms that originate from the Asteraceae family. They initially come from Mexico, however, can currently be found everywhere throughout the world due to their eye-catching flowers and simple growth conditions.

According to the symbolic representation of flowers, zinnias are commonly linked with the idea of missing friends, making them a meaningful and appropriate choice of gift for someone distant or away for a long time.


Marigolds are a common addition to gardens due to their beautiful and vivid blossoms, which can vary in hue from yellow and orange to red and bronze.

In flower symbolism, marigolds are typically linked to the sentiment of thankfulness. They are often gifted to someone who is appreciated, like a friend, as a token of gratitude and infinite love.


In conclusion, friendship flowers are a lovely way to show your gratitude and support for your friends. From the cheerful yellow roses to the stunning pink carnations, each flower has its own unique symbolism that represents the bond between friends.

So, if you want to show your appreciation to a friend, send them a bouquet of flowers that mean friendship, and let the flowers do the talking.

Frequently Asked Question

What are some flowers that symbolize friendship?

Some flowers that symbolize friendship include yellow roses, pink carnations, and daisies.

Is there a specific occasion to give flowers as a symbol of friendship?

Flowers can be given to symbolize friendship on any occasion or just as a spontaneous gesture. There isn’t a specific occasion to give flowers as a symbol of friendship, but they make great gifts for birthdays, graduations, or just to show appreciation.

Do different colors of flowers have different meanings for friendship?

Yes, different colors of flowers have different meanings for friendship. For example, yellow represents joy and friendship, pink represents gratitude and appreciation, and white represents purity and innocence.

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